The First Post

The First Post

this is my first post on the blog i made year ago! 😀 Well you kinda need an introduction… Most general informations you can find on my profile. But here’s the insight of waht i do… I’m finishing my studies of Film Editing (so soon i’ll be a filmmaker with a diploma). I’m an RNB singer here in Serbia, i’m a comic artist (not as the comedian… graphic novels, comic strips…) and i direct music videos. It is too much to handle but i manage. 🙂
I spend much time on the net sitting on one of the local dc++ hubs [www.elitehub.us] and just surfing around in search of… well… something. I know when i find it. 😀
That’s about it. Stay tuned for misadventures of LoOney.
It happens.

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