Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending

My dad insisted we should go watch this. He always had great enthusiasm for big flashy CGI driven sci-fi films. And THIS is exactly it.

Many blockbusters try to push the limits when it comes to FX. Many of them fail. Jupiter Ascending is abso-fucking-lutely top of the god damn line, state of the art animation, effects and cinematography. My eyes have not seen anything better.

As far as the story goes – FUCK YOU WACHOWSKIS! A monkey could create better lines for those poor actors to put them in their mouths. I think this is the most number of ACME™ Plot Holes ordered since Will E. Coyote did in one of his cartoon adventures. Terrible. Just… Terrible!

Every actor did good, despite aforementioned words, except Mila Kunis who is not-so-believable in her role of toilet cleaner that became owner of the Earth, and Eddie Redmayne who literally sucks donkey balls so much I wanted to punch him in the face. Why did directors allowed him to do what he did the way he did it?!

But the film is so pretty. I went out of the theater sad. Dad also.

There is one highlight, and that is a famous director in one of the more cyber-punk roles that suits him very good. i don’t want to spoil. If you choose to watch this eye popping spectacle with no substance, you’ll recognize him yourself.

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