Soulless 2

Soulless 2

I’ve seen this film screened ten days before official premiere in my country (third country to have theatrical distribution of this film to this date).

First of all, as all of Serbian audiences, I’ve never seen the first part. Russian cinema barely enters our market. This film would be regularly invisible to us if Miloš Biković, young Serbian superstar, wasn’t in it. Riding the waves of his popularity from two part sport-drama Montevideo, distributors are ready to put ANYTHING inside the movie theater that includes Biković.

Miloš, like all the other actors in the movie, is really great. Director does his job pretty well, but the movie itself is about nothing.

Based on the book of the same name, we follow Max an ex-executive and big money shaker having fun in Bali. But police raids his house and finds heroin. And it is a setup by some Russian agents. Sounds like a thriller, but if this would be a full on thriller or action film – it would last barely 40 minutes. Film is predictable and in the end there is an awkward ending for everybody. Especially Max. So, it doesn’t shine in the script department. I must say that cinematographer made film watchable with pretty nice imagery.

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