My Shoe And a Rock

My Shoe And a Rock

Moj najbolji drug iz srednje škole Aleksandar Radišić je napisao par pesama i ja vam, eto, predstavljam jednu. Čak sam napravio i ilustraciju.

My shoe and I
best friends we are
one day we walk
the other we drive a car

we go together to the store
to the zoo or to the bar
sometimes nearby and
sometimes very far

And we pass a little rock
outside my house
rounded nice rock
gray as a mouse

my shoe seems to like it
in fact much more than that
it allways stares at the rock
when i’m stopped to chat

I think it’s in love
that I must say
‘cause it makes me go out
allmost every day

And that one day
it couldn’t resist
My shoe decided
to give the rock a kiss!

I know that this is
a strange tale to tell
But I had to do it
cause that’s the day I fell

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