The Return of the Incredible Hulk

The Return of the Incredible Hulk

Well, the second episode… pardon, movie… is a lot better. I’m not sure if this was also in European theaters or it is just considered a TV movie. Whatever the case may be, it’s much more interesting.
There is an interesting storyline about girl who can’t walk being poisoned by her stepmother. Why? Well, because of the money of course. So the good ol’ Hulk sweeps in (quite literally into the quicksand at one point) and saves the day!
But again, you can not feel other than sorry for poor David Bruce Banner, who on his path of self-medication and self-torturing loses a girl, choosing to be a drifter rather then normal person again. Although he tried to cure himself near the end of this cinematic mediocre, we know that there is another episode of The Incredible Hulk. And another, and another… for about four seasons. And of course, TV movies. Poor Hulk!

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